pear shaped bodies

Do you tend to gain weight around your hips and thighs, but stay slim up top? If so, you're a pear shape, just like the fruit. It's a curvy, bootylicious body type that's incredibly feminine and sensual, and something you have in common with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé to name just a few of our favourite pear-shaped celebs!

We think pear-shaped bodies are gorgeous, but if you're feeling self-conscious about your wide hips then there are some really easy tips and tricks to choosing a swimsuit or bikini that makes them appear smaller. There's no need to feel like you have to cover them up with a sarong! 

Here's how to choose swimwear that will flatter your pear shape, and below we've shared a list of products that were practically made for you and your body:

  • Dark on bottom, light on top - it's common knowledge that black is slimming, but any dark colour will have the same effect. The aim is to balance out your curves, so ensure you're only slimming your widest area by pairing it with a lighter colour up top.
  • Mix prints with plain - Busy prints draw attention, so divert eyes away from your bum by wearing swimwear that's block-coloured on the bottom but printed on top.
  • Boost your bust - Another way to balance out wide hips is to make your bust look bigger. This could be through choosing a padded or push-up bikini top, or swimwear that's textured only on the top half (think ruffles and 3D flowers!).
  • Go for high leg lines - Shortie-style bottoms can make pear-shapes look squat, whereas a high-cut leg will elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. High leg lines are a hot trend right now, so you'll be right on style too!
  • Choose the right accessories - if you do want to wear a sarong, remember the plain/dark colour rules for your bottom half, and tie it asymmetrically so that it drapes down one side. It will be more flattering that straight-across-your-thighs. Remember to go for big and bold on your top half, so a wide-brimmed hat or statement necklace will work fabulously!

6 Swimsuits and Bikinis for Pear Shapes

Shop here: Black off-shoulder polkadot swimsuit

The sheer mesh side panels give the illusion of a high-cut leg line, whilst the ruffles and off-shoulder cut add width to the upper half of the body.



Shop here: Yellow ruffled bikini top & tie-side bottoms

The padding and layered ruffles make this bikini top perfect for adding volume to a smaller bust, whilst the darker-coloured bottoms slim down your hips.



Shop here: Leaf print cropped swim top & bottoms

The plain, dark bottoms slim your hips, whilst the light and colourful top draws attention to your upper half, with off-shoulder sleeves to add width here.



Black ruffled swimsuit

Shop here: Black swimsuit with waterfall ruffle

The eye-catching cascade of ruffles around the neckline draws the eye upwards, away from the undetailed bottom.



Shop here: Brown plait-detail bikini

The extra-wide shoulder straps on this chic, nude-toned bikini create the illusion of width, whilst the simple matching bottoms have the opposite effect.



Shop here: Pink floral halter bikini with lacing

Adding emphasis to your bust doesn't have to be about padding and texture - it could just mean a cool, eye-catching detail such as the criss-cross lacing and extra-large tassels on this halter bikini top! Better yet, it's light and printed on top, and plain and darker on the bottom.


These are just some of our swimwear options to suit a pear shape. Feel free to browse our entire swimwear range here if none of these are quite your style, using the tips above to help you pick out the perfect design.

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